Finland – M-55 Recoilless Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The M-55 recoilless anti-tank grenade launcher is a light 2.1 6inch (55mm) caliber, shoulder-fired, reusable grenade launcher that was developed in Finland.  As of 2010, it is still in service with the Finnish Army.

The grenade is front loaded into the M-55, an unusual loading method that is also used with Russian RPGs.

Targeting is done with the use of a simple optical sight.

M-55 recoilless anti-tank grenade launcher. Source: Probert EncyclopaediaWith a grenade in the tube, the total length of the M-55 recoilless anti-tank launcher is 4ft (1.24m). The M-55 weighs 24 pounds (11kg). This includes the weight of a 5.5 pound (2.5kg) grenade.

The M-55’s effective range is 219 yards (200m) with armor penetration of 7.87 inches (200mm). A rate of fire of up to five shots per minute can be achieved.