Austria – M40A1 and M40A2 Recoilless Rifles

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The M40A1, which is an American design, is currently being used by the Austrian army.

There are two versions of the M40A1 recoilless rifle.  One is mounted on a vehicle with a special mounting that gives it a full 360 degree firing circle.

The other version is towed.

M40A1 recoilless rifle mounted on an M38 JeepThe M40A1 is said to fire at a rate of five rounds per minute. However, it is doubtful that these would be accurate shots.

The MA40A1 fires a 4.17inch (106mm), 17lb (7.7kg) shell at a muzzle velocity of 1650ft/s (503m/s) and claims a maximum range of 7545yards (6900m), although its accuracy at this range would not be useful.

 The 360 degree sweep is complimented by an elevation of -17 to +65 degrees. The fighting weight  of the gun is 251lbs (113.9kg).

The MA40A2 is an upgrade of the A1 which fires HEAT rounds at a muzzle velocity of 1010ft/s (308m/s) giving an effective range of 1100yards (1000m).

Its traveling weight is 485lbs (220kg), so can be carried by a four man crew if necessary.