Army Tanks

Finland's 3.74inches (95mm) caliber SM58-61 recoilless anti-tank gun fires HE or HEAT projectiles.

It mounted on and fired from a two wheeled carriage.

A crew of three operates the 95 SM 58-61 recoilless anti-tank gun. The gun weighs only 308.6lb (140kg) and has tow/carry handles on its frame that allow the crew to move into position if necessary.

95 SM58-61 recoilless anti-tank gunThe length of the barrel is 10.5ft (3.2m). The SM58-61's HEAT shell weighs 22.5lb (10.2kg).

The gun has a muzzle velocity of 672 yards/s (615m/s) and an effective range up to 1,093 yards (1000m) against armor of 11.8inch (300mm) thickness. It can fire at a stationary target at a rate of between six and eight rounds a minute.

The Finnish Army is the only armed force that continues to use the 95 SM58-61 recoilless anti-tank gun. It is currently being used by the Finnish Army's infantry battalions.