France – Apilas Infantry Light Anti-Tank System

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The Apilas infantry light anti-tank system was created in France and is designed to give the infantryman the ability to destroy armored vehicles.  It  is used by the French army as well as the armies of a number of other countries.

The total weight of the Apilas, including preloaded projectile, is 19.84 pounds (9kg).

The 4.4 inch (112mm) caliber projectile itself weighs 9.48 pounds (4.3kg). This includes a 3.3 pound (1.5kg) shaped explosive warhead.

Soldier with Apilas infantry light-anti-tank system  Source: Italian Ministry of DefenseThis Apilas infantry light anti-tank system is fired from the shoulder.

 It uses mounted pop-out sights rather than clip-on sights. It has a range of more than 547 yards (500m) and is very accurate.

The warhead can penetrate over 28.35inches (720mm) of armor. The muzzle velocity is 320yards/s (293m/s).

When the Apilas is fired, the rearward blast area must be clear.

The Apilas can be mounted on a cradle and fired remotely by an operator, or triggered automatically by sensors in the cradle.

The Apilas is a disposable weapon.