France – Eryx Short Range Anti-Tank Missile System

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

France has been producing the Eryx short-range anti-tank missile system since 1991.  It is used by the French, Norwegian and Canadian armies and is issued to infantry, airborne and special forces.

The Eryx short range anti-tank missile system consists of a 26 pound (12kg) firing tube and an 11 pound (5kg) launching post. The missile can be fired from the launching post or shoulder-fired.

The weapon is small enough for one man to carry and operate by himself.  

Soldier carrying Erxy short-range anti-tank missile. Source: Army Guide Its small size allows airborne and marine forces to carry the Eryx along with their own specialized equipment.

A  SACLOS (Semi Automatic Command Line Of Sight) system guides the missile, which has a warhead that is optimized against main battle tanks and is capable of penetrating 35.4 inches (900mm) of steel.

The Eryx can also be used against machine gun emplacements.

The short-range anti-tank missile system has a range of 55 to 656 yards (50 to 600m) and can be used in confined spaces.

It has a sight unit with 3X magnification and can be used when light levels are low.