France – HOT Anti-Tank Missile

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The HOT anti-tank missile is the result of a collaboration between France and Germany  HOT, which stands for  Haut subsonique Optiquement Teleguide, is used by the armies of 16 countries.

A versatile weapon, the HOT anti-tank missile can be mounted on a variety of platforms, such as helicopters and AFVs (armored fighting vehicles). The French and German armies deploy HOT missiles on anti-tank capable helicopters. Most helicopters will carry four HOT missiles but the Gazelle can carry eight.

The missile comes in a pre-loaded launch tube. The missile itself weighs 50.71 pounds (23kg), while the missile and launch tube together weigh in at 70.55 pounds (32kg). and comes pre-loaded in its launch tube.

HOT anti-tank missile on a Renault APC during Operation Desert Shield, 1990-1991 Gulf War4 HOT launch tubes can be mounted on a special turret, the UTM800.  When on this turret these launch tubes have  a full 360 degree traverse for  engaging their targets. The operator controls the turret remotely.  The UTM800 turret can be mounted onto a vehicle which can carry  ten more HOT missiles. The turret  uses  infrared for night operations.

Another turret, the Mephisto,  is retractable and enables the HOT missiles to be reloaded from within the vehicle.

The HOT anti-tank missile is SACLOS guided and is believed to be capable of defeating most types of MBTs.

The maximum range of the HOT anti-tank missile is 4702.5yards (4300m) when fired from a helicopter.