France – WASP Individual Assault Weapon

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

Frances’ WASP individual assault weapon is a disposable, shoulder fired weapon that can be carried by an infantryman.  It is a preloaded weapon. It is used once and then discarded.

The WASP uses a counter-mass principle and is recoilless, so it can be used in confined and built up areas. It can engage AFVs or troops at a range of  up to 437 yards (400m).   The warhead can penetrate 15.75 inches (400mm) of armor or 39.37 inches(1m) of concrete.  

Small and lightweight, the  WASP individual assault weapon is 31.5 inches long (800mm) long and weighs only 6.61lb(3kg). The missile itself weighs  19.36 ounces (550g). A single infantryman can carry three or four launchers.  

A clip on sight is available for night operations.