Germany – Armbrust Light Anti-Tank Launcher

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

Germany’s  Armbrust light anti-tank launcher was developed by a private company. After it proved to be accurate and dependable in trials, it was employed by the West German army.

It was used by the German army after the reunification of Germany in 1990, and is still in  use today.

Shoulder-fired and disposable, the Armbrust (German for “crossbow”) light anti-tank launcher makes no more noise than a pistol.   When the Armbrust light anti-tank launcher fires, about 5,000 plastic pellets eject in behind the operator. This action makes the weapon recoilless.  Internal pistons close the firing tube immediately after firing, limiting smoke and flash.

The Armbrust can be fired from within a small room or from another concealed position.

Armbrust light anti-tank launcherOne infantryman can carry up to four launchers. Each weighs only 13.89 pounds (6.3kg) and is just 33.5 inches (850mm) long.

The standard targeting sight on the Armbrust light-Anti Tank launcher is a simple reflex sight, but a reusable clip-on laser sight is available for special use.

The Armbrust uses preloaded 3.07 inch (78 mm) projectile – either a 2.18 pound (0.99kg) HEAT or HE-frag round. These have respective ranges of 1,083 feet (330m) and 4,921feet (1500m). The projectile has a muzzle velocity of 721ft/s (220m/s) and can penetrate armor up to 11.81 inches (300mm) at 1083 feet (330m).