Japan – KAM-9

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The KAM-9, also known as the Type 79 Jyu-MAT, is a SACLOS guided anti-tank missile that was developed in Japan for use by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force.

The KAM-9 missile is preloaded in a launch tube that is mounted on a tripod with an optical site.  The operator uses commands that are transmitted along a trailing wire to guide the missile.

KAM-9 anti-tank missile Source: Army GuideLaunching occurs in two stages. A booster fires the missile from the launch tube. Then, after, the stabilizing fins have deployed, a solid fuel motor achieves and maintains cruising speed.

The KAM-9 uses a HEAT warhead.  The operator can fire it directly or remotely. The missile has a built in infrared tracking flare so the operator can observe it as it approaches the target.

Although it is classed as portable, the KAM-9 is 5.6 feet (1700mm) long. It has a range between 3,280 and 4,374 yards (3000 and 4000m).