Soviet Union – Model 1955 Anti-Tank Gun

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The Model 1955 anti-tank gun is a Soviet weapon that is still being used by the Russian Army today.

It is useful for defending against light armored and infantry attacks.

When used as an anti-tank gun, the M-1955 can fire HVAP, HEAT and APHE rounds

 It fires 35 pound (15.9kg) APHE shells at a muzzle velocity of 3280ft/s (1000m/s).

A HEAT round fired from the Model 1955 can penetrate 14.9 inches (380mm) of armor at 3280ft (1000m).

The M-1955 can also be used as a light field gun, firing 3.94 inch (100mm) caliber HE rounds up to a maximum range of nearly 14.3miles (23km).

The barrel of the M-1955 is smoothbored, rather than rifled.  The barrel is 17.7 feet (5.4m) long and has a double baffle muzzle break.

Eight men are needed to operate the M-1955 anti-tank gun.

When it is being towed, the M-1955 anti-tank gun weighs 7,275 pounds (3300kg). In firing position, it weighs 6,614 pounds (3000kg). Its overall length is 28.6ft (8.72m).

The gun and crew can be airlifted for rapid deployment in suitable fixed wing craft, or carried beneath medium lift helicopters.