Soviet Union – Model 1942 Anti-Tank Gun

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:49 pm

The Soviet Union’s Model 1942 anti-tank gun, also known as the M-1942, was an upgrade of earlier 45mm anti-tank guns.

The 2.7 inch (68.6mm) caliber barrel on the Model 1942 was longer than the gun barrels of earlier models.  

The Model 1942 also had longer, more stable trail legs and steel disk wheels, and, unlike earlier 45mm guns, a semi-automatic breach.

Ammunition for the Model 1942 was also upgraded.  The Model 1942 was capable of firing the USSR’s new BC-240P armor penetrating round.

Model 1942 anti-tank gun. Photo by RadomilA BC-240P round fired from the Model 1942 had a muzzle velocity of 3510ft/s (1070m/s).

It could could pierce 3.2 inches (81mm) of armor from a distance of 550yards (500m).

The Model 1942 anti-tank gun was also used as a battalion gun. When used in this way, its ammunition included smoke and a high explosive anti-infantry canister.