Spain – 106mm Recoilless Rifle

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The 106mm recoilless rifle is a Spanish version of the American M40A1, built under license by General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas for use by the military of Spain.

It is 11.15 feet (3.4m) long and weighs 482.8lbs (219kg).

Spain’s 106mm recoilless rifle can be mounted on a tripod and fired from the ground. It has full 360 degree traverse when it is tripod-mounted.

It can be elevated to 65 degrees with the right mount or depressed to -17 degrees. This means that the weapon can be sited above the path of an oncoming vehicle when it is being used in mountainous terrain.

106mm recoilless rifleAlthough it is usually operated from the ground, the 106mm recoilless rifle can also be mounted on a light vehicle.

 The 106mm RCL can fire 106 mm HEAT rounds. It can also engage infantry with anti-personnel round.

 If the rifle is elevated sufficiently, anti-personnel rounds can be fired to ranges of more than 8311 yards (7600m).

The 106mm recoilless rifle is usually operated by a three-man crew but it can be operated by two men if needed.