Spain – Alcotán-100 Weapon System

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The Alcotán-100 weapon system is a shoulder-fired, disposable anti-tank rocket launcher that was built by Instalaza, a Spanish weapons company, for use by the Spanish Army

It has an electronic firing control unit, known as Vosel, which gives the weapon a very high level of accuracy.

The Alcotán-100 has a sight unit, which can be used during the day and at night, a laser range finder and a ballistic computer.  These are clipped to the launch tube before firing and unclipped after firing.

To operate the Alcotán-100,the operator must turn on the firing control unit. The sight unit then tracks the target, and the ballistic computer calculates where the target will appear in the future, so that the operator can aim the weapon correctly.  It takes less than a third of a second for the computer to perform the calculations.

Alcotán-100 weapon system. Source: InstalazaThe Alcotán-100 can engage targets up to 656 yards (600 meters) away.

It fires a 3.94-inch (100mm) caliber HEAT charge, as well as HE/FRAG and HEDP (dual-purpose) rounds.

The weapon can be fired from confined spaces.

Mass production of the Alcotán-100 began in 1998. Production is believed to have ended in 2007.