Spain – C90 Anti-Tank Weapons Systems

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

Spain’s C90 anti-tank weapons systems are a group of disposable, shoulder fired grenade launchers built by the Spanish company Instalaza.

All consist of a preloaded launch tube with a pyrotechnic firing mechanism. This means that they do not need batteries or any other type of electrical charging system.

They all have an optical sight with a permanent light source for night operations.

All use a 3.54 inch (90mm) caliber warhead.

C90-CR (M3) anti-tank weapons system. Source: InstalazaEach of the C90 anti-tank grenade launchers can be carried and fired by one man.

The earliest versions of the C90 anti-tank weapons system, the C90-C and the C-90-C AM , were each33.07 inches (840mm) long and weighed 9.26 pounds (4.2 kg)

Since then, this group of weapons has been upgraded to the C90-CR (M3) series. Each of the weapons in the C90-CR (M3) series is 37.01 inches (940mm) long, to accommodate a larger rocket motor.

Variants within the C90-CR (M3) series include:

 The C90-CR (M3) – an anti-tank weapon that can pierce 15.75 inches (400mm) of armor at a distance of 328 yards (300m).  It uses a HEAT round that is capable of penetrating 1.09 yards (1 meter) of concrete.

The C90-CR-RB (M3) – an anti-tank weapon that can penetrate  18.90 inches (480mm) of armor at a distance of 328 yards (300m). It fires a HEAT round that can penetrate 47.24 inches (1200mm) of concrete.

The C90-CR-AM (M3) -an anti-armor, anti-personnel weapon.  It has a weaker armor penetration than the C90-CR and the C90-CR-RB (M3).  It can penetrate only 8.66 inches (220mm) of armor at a distance of 200 yards. It is capable of penetrating 2.13 feet (0.65) meters of concrete.

When engaged in its anti-personnel function, the C90-CR-AM fires a dual-purpose HEAT-FRAG charge with a range of 875yards (800m) and a lethal fragmentation radius of 69 feet (21m).

The C90-CR-BK (M3) – an anti-bunker weapon with a tandem (dual) warhead.  One charge is designed to pierce through a wall, and then a second charge explodes inside the building.  It can penetrate 383 yards (350m) of concrete.

The C90-CR-FIM (M3) – an incendiary weapon that contains red phosphorous

The C90-CR, the C90-CR-RB and the C90-CR-AM each weigh 10.36 pounds (4.7 kg). The C90-CR-BK weighs 11.24 pounds (5.1kg) and the C90-CR-FIM weighs 11.68 pounds (5.3kg).