Switzerland – 83mm Rocket Launcher 58/80

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

Switzerland’s 83mm rocket launcher 58/80 is a reusable, shoulder-fired rocket launcher based on Belgium’s 83mm RL-83 Blindicide rocket launcher.

The 58/80 was developed by the Swiss Federal Arms Factory in Berne.  It is used only by the Swiss Army.

It is bulky but light, being 51.2 inches (1.3m) long but weighing only 18.74 pounds (8.5kg).

The anti-tank weapon has a carrying strap and a small protective shield around the barrel.

83mm rocket launcher 58/80The 83mm rocket launcher 58/80 is operated by a two man crew. One man fires the weapon while the other loads it. The crew can fire the 58/80 from standing, kneeling or prone positions.

Free flight rockets carrying a HEAT warhead can engage static targets from a distance of 984.3ft (300m).  They can engage moving targets from a distance of 656.2 feet (300m).

The 83mm rocket launcher has significant backblast, so it can only be used in clear spaces. There can be no debris or obstacles behind it when it is fired.