United Kingdom – LAW 80 Anti-Tank System

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:48 pm

The United Kingdom’s LAW 80 anti-tank system is a 3.54inch (94mm) caliber shoulder fired, disposable weapon. It is sometimes known as the LAW 94, in reference to its caliber.

LAW stands for Light Anti-armour Weapon.

The LAW 80 anti-tank system has a built-in spotter rifle with five rounds of 9mm ammunition. The spotter ammunition is matched ballistically┬áto the main projectile’s ammunition.

After the operator acquires his sight, he fires off two or three spotter rounds in order to check his aim.  The spotter ammunition has a tracer element that allows him to see where the shot falls.

LAW 80 anti-tank systemOnce the operator is satisfied that his aim is accurate, he fires the main projectile.

This procedure prevents the operator from firing the main projectile to the wrong location multiple times, saving time and reducing safety risks.

The LAW 80 anti-tank system weighs 22 pounds (10kg). It is folded when carried. When it is unfolded and ready to be fired, it is 59 inches (1500mm) long.

Its shaped charge warhead can defeat 25.6 inches (650mm) of armor from a distance of up to 1640ft (500m).

Like similar anti-tank systems, the LAW 80 anti-tank system has a flip-out sight. A clip-on night sight is also available.

The LAW 80 anti-tank system is used by infantry serving in armored or mechanized battalions.

It was used in Iraq in 2003.

The LAW 80 has been the basis of a number of anti-tank weapons, including the Addermine, that engage targets from the side when sensors are tripped.