United States – M18A1 57mm Recoilless Rifle

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:47 pm

The M18A1 57mm recoilless rifle entered service in 1945 and was used by the United States Army during World War II and the Korean War.

It has been used by the South Korean Army.

Although the M18A1 has been declared obsolete by the US Army, it is still being produced in Brazil under license.

The M18A1 57mm recoilless rifle is a standard recoilless rifle with a percussion firing mechanism.

Its launcher weighs 55.12 pounds (25 kg).

South Korean soldiers with M18A1 57mm recoilless rifleThe M18A1 can be fired from a tripod, which weighs 104.7 pounds (47.5kg), or mounted on a light vehicle.  

When tripod-mounted, this anti-tank weapon and is operated by a two-man crew. It can be taken apart so that it can be carried by infantry.

The M18A1 can fire HE, HEAT and phosphorous ammunition.

When firing HE or HEAT ammunition in order to engage heavier AFVs, the M18A1 has an effective range of 492 yards (450m).

The M18A1 57mm recoilless rifle  can fire phosphorous smoke ammunition up to a distance of  4348yards (3976m) in order to cover vehicle and troop movements or to pinpoint targets for artillery or mortar engagement.

Although it would not be of much use against modern tanks, the M18A1 recoilless rifle could still be effective against light vehicles or infantry.