United States – Shoulder-Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:47 pm

The Shoulder-Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon, or SMAW, is a light, shoulder-fired weapon. It can be used as anti-tank weapon, and it can be used against fortified positions.

The SMAW consists of a pre-loaded launch tube and a reusable firing system.

It can fire HEDP (high explosive dual purpose) and HEAA (high explosive anti-armor) projectiles.

Follow through grenades (FTGs) can be used against brick and concrete structures.

Shoulder Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)The Shoulder Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon is 54 inches (1372mm) long when ready to fire.  With a HEDP projectile, it weighs 29.52 pounds (13.39 kg). It weighs 30.53 pounds (13.85 kg) with a HEAA projectile.

To operate the SMAW, the firer first uses a spotting rifle to fire ballistically matched rounds at the target, to ensure that it is in his sights and that his aim is accurate. He then fires the main projectile at the target.

The SMAW can engage a tank-sized target from a distance of up to 1,640 feet (500 meters).

 It can be fired form a protective position, increasing the operator’s chances of survival.

The SMAW is an infantry weapon was developed for the United States Marine Corps.  The SMAW has been in service since has been in service since 1984, and has been used by both the US Marines and the US Army.

The Shoulder-Launched Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon was used during the 1989 invasion of Panama. It has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan.