Yugoslavia – M57 Anti-Tank Launcher

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:47 pm

The M57 anti-tank launcher is a 1.73 inch (44mm) caliber reusable shoulder-fired rocket launcher that was developed in Yugoslavia in the 1950s.

It was based on the Panzerfaust, which was used by Germany during World War II.

The M57 anti-tank launcher is small enough to be deployable from helicopters and armored personnel carriers. The launcher is 37.8 inches (960mm) long and weighs 18.08 pounds (8.2kg).

A bipod, which provides stability during tracking and aiming, and an optical sight are permanently attached to the anti-tank launcher.

Usually, the M57 is operated by a two man crew that consists of a firer and a loader.

If necessary, one soldier can operate the anti-tank weapon.

The M57 uses 3.54 inches (90mm) fin-stabilized HEAT projectile that can penetrate 11.81 inches (300mm) of armor from a distance of up to 218.7 yards (200m).

Because the warhead is oversized, the M57 must be front loaded through the muzzle.

The M57 anti-tank launcher is currently in use in Serbia.