Yugoslavia – M60 Recoilless Gun

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:46 pm

The M60 recoilless gun entered service in Yugoslavia in the 1960s.

This 3.23 inch (82mm) caliber anti-tank weapon is 7.22 feet (2.2m) long and weighs 269 pounds (122kg).

The M60 is mounted on and fired from a two wheeled carriage.

It is usually towed behind a light vehicle.

The M60 recoilless gun is operated by a crew of five men who can carry the anti-tank gun over terrain that is too demanding for a vehicle.

If necessary, the size of the crew can be reduced to two men.

M60 recoilless gun. Source: Probert EncyclopaediaThe M60 can engage static targets from a distance of up to 1640 yards (1500m) and moving targets from a distance of up to 1094 yards (1000m). It can penetrate up to 8.66 inches (220mm) of armor from a distance of 546.8 yards (500m).

The M60 recoilless gun uses a 3.23inch (82mm) fin-stabilized HEAT rounds that weigh 15.87lbs (7.2kg).

HE rounds can be used to engage infantry or light vehicles from a distance of 4921yards (4500m).

A variant of the M60 recoilless gun, the M60A2, is currently in use in countries of the former Yugoslavia.