Yugoslavia – M65 105mm Recoilless Gun

Last updated on February 17th, 2019 at 09:46 pm

The M65 105mm recoilless gun was developed in Yugoslavia during the Cold War. It is still in use in Serbia.

It weighs 617 pounds (280kg) when in firing position, is 14.93 feet (4.55 meters) long, and is either towed or mounted on a light vehicle.

The M65 105mm recoilless gun can fire both HEAT and HE rounds. A HEAT round can engage a target from 109.4 yards  (100m) to 656.2 yards (600m) away and can penetrate up to 13 inches (330mm) of armor.

M65 105mm recoilless gun. Source: Probert Encyclopaedia

HE rounds are used to break up infantry and wheeled vehicle formations. When used in this way, accuracy is less important. A HE round can be fired to a maximum range of 6562 yards (6000m).

A 0.5inch (12.7mm) UB spotting rifle is mounted on the barrel of the M65 for accurate aiming.

The M65 can fire at a rate of six rounds a minute.