A24 Cruiser Tank Mark VII Cavalier

Great Britain
Great Britain

A24 Cruiser Tank Mark VII

Active: 1941
Crew: 5
Weight: 26.5 tons (26,925kg)
Length: 20ft 10in (6.35m)
Height: 8ft (2.44m)
Width: 9ft 6in (2.9m)
Weapons: Main – 6 pounder OQF (ordnance quick-firing) gun Secondary – 1 or 2 x 0.312in (7.92mm) Besa machineguns
Armor Maximum – 2.99in (76mm)
Engine: Nuffield Liberty V12 Gasoline, 340hp
Speed: 24 mph (39 kph)
Range: 165 miles (266 km)

The A24 Cruiser Tank Mark VII Cavalier was designed to be an improvement over the Crusader and its predecessors. The Cavalier weighed 5 tons more than the crusader and had a larger (6 pounder) gun, thicker armor, wider tracks and a better suspension than the Crusader.

A24 Cruiser Tank Mark VII CavalierHowever, the Cavalier used the same engine and power train as the Crusader; therefore, its larger mass led to a reduction in its top speed.

Only a small number of A24s were built, and they were never used as gun tanks.

Some had their turrets removed and were fitted with a winch and demountable A-frame jib. These were used as Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs).

Others were used for artillery Observation Post (OP).  In these, a dummy barrel replaced the 6 pounder gun.

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