TOG Heavy Tanks

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The TOG heavy tanks – TOG 1 and TOG 2 – were very large, heavy tanks that were designed to cross wide trenches and withstand anti-tank weaponry. They never saw action.

At 80 tons, TOG 2 was the heaviest tank produced by Britain during World War II.

The TOG heavy tanks were designed by TOG, or “The Old Gang”, a team of men who, at the outbreak of World War II were given the task of finding ways to fulfill Britain’s new tank requirements.

This team had been responsible for the UK’s World War I tank program. Its members were d’Eyncourt, Ricardo, Stern, Swinton, Symes, Tritton and Wilson.
TOG1 Heavy Tank
TOG 1 had a 2 pounder Matilda-2 type turret and a 2.95 inch (75 mm) howitzer in its nose. While it may have performed well during World War I, when there was not much movement during battles, it would not have been effective during the Blitzkrieg.

Problems with the TOG 1’s electrical transmission were revealed during trials. As a result, TOG 2 was designed with a hydraulic transmission.

TOG 2 mounted a larger turret than TOG 1 and had a 6 pounder gun, which was later converted to a 17 pounder.

The Churchill was produced, tested and accepted when the TOG 2 was being developed.  Interest in the Churchill caused interest in the TOGs to decrease so that the TOG 1 never entered service and the TOG 2 was never produced.

Great Britain

TOG Heavy Tanks

Active: 1940 (prototypes)
Crew: TOG 1: 6; TOG 2: 8
Weight: TOG 1: 63.5 tons (64,555 kg); TOG 2: 80 tons (81,284 kg)
Length: 33ft 3in(10.13m)
Height: 10ft (3.05m)
Width: 10ft 3in (312m)
Weapons: Main – TOG 1: 32 pounder in turret, 2.95in (75mm) howitzer in nose; TOG 2: 6 pounder or 17 pounder OQF (ordnance quick-firing) gun Secondary – None
Armor Maximum – 2.95in (75mm)
Engine: Paxman-Ricardo V12 Diesel, 600hp
Speed: 8.5 mph (14kph)
Range: 50 miles (81 km)