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Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer

Active: 1944
Crew: 5
Weight: 45.3 tons (46,000kg)
Length: 32ft 8in (9.9m)
Height: 8ft 11in (2.72m)
Width: 11ft 2.6in (3.42m)
Weapons: Main - 3.46 inch (8.8cm) anti-tank gun, Secondary - 2 x 0.312 inch (7.92mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum - 3.94 in (100mm)
Engine: Maybach HL230P30 V12 gasoline, 700hp
Speed: 28.6 mph ( 46 kph)
Range: 99.4 (160 km)

The Jagdpanther heavy tank destroyer was a variant of the Panther heavy tank. It had a 3.46 inch (8.8 cm) Pak 43/3 L/71 gun that could pierce 7.17 inches (182 mm) of armor at a distance of 1,640 feet (400 meters.)

Jagdpanther heavy tank destroyer at the US Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen, MarylandDespite weighing over 45 tons, the Jagdpanther could move quickly, with a maximum speed of 28.6 miles per hour (46 miles per hour).

The Jagdpanther was designed to be an improvement over the Elefant, which was really only effective at close range.

A prototype of the Jagdpanther heavy tank destroyer was built in 1943. Between January 1944 and March 1945, about 400 Jadgpanthers were built.

The Jagdpanther saw action in Normandy, during the Battle of the Bulge and during Operation North Wind.