Army Tanks

Hotchkiss H-35

Active: 1936
Crew: 2
Weight: 10.43 tons (10,600kg)
Length: 13ft 10in (4.22m)
Height: 8ft 7in (2.62m)
Width: 6ft 5in (1.96m)
Weapons: Main - 1.46in (37mm) gun, Secondary - 0.295 inch (7.5mm) machinegun
Armor Maximum - 1.57in (40mm)
Engine: Hotchkiss 1935 6-cylinder gasoline, 75hp
Speed: 17mph (27.4kph)
Range: 93.2 miles (150 km)

The Hotchkiss H-35 light tank was designed in 1933 and was originally meant to be a light tank for the French cavalry. However, when it entered service in 1936, it was also put into use as an infantry support tank.

About 400 Hotchkiss H-35 light tanks were produced. One fourth of these were assigned to the infantry and the rest were given to the cavalry.

Hotchkiss H-35 Light TankThe H-35 had thick cast armor in its turret and hull, which gave it a defensive advantage.

However, it was slow and its weaponry was relatively weak, so it did not fare well against the Germans.

It had just one short-barreled 1.46 in (37mm) main gun and one machine gun.

When the Germans captured H-35s, they removed their turrets and used the tanks as "schleppers" - vehicles for carrying weapons and munitions. They used the turrets in static defense lines.