Army Tanks
Great Britain

Mark I Medium

Active: 1924
Crew: 5
Weight: 12 tons (12,192kg)
Length: 17ft 6in (5.33)
Height: 9ft 3in (2.82m)
Width: 9ft 2in (2.79m)
Weapons: Main - 3 pounder 1.85in (47mm) gun, Secondary - 2 x 0.303in (7.7mm) Vickers machineguns and 4 x 0.303in (7.7mm) Hotchkiss machineguns
Armor Maximum - 0.315 in (8mm)
Engine: Armstrong-Siddeley V8 gasoline, 90hp
Speed: 15 mph (24kph)
Range: 150 miles (241 km)

The Mark I Medium Tank was the first British tank to be designed after World War I.  Originally known as Light Tank Mark I, this tank was later reclassified as a medium tank.

Built by Vickers, the Mark I Medium Tank was the first British tank with a turret that could rotate all the way around and gears for raising and lowering the main gun, which was a 3 pounder. Close support tanks had a 3.7 inch (94 mm) howitzer.

Mark I Medium TankFour Hotchkiss machine guns were carried in the turret.  There were two Vickers machineguns mounted on the sides of the hull.

The Mark I Medium Tank weighed 12 tons (12,192 kg) and had a spring suspension, which enabled it to move faster than earlier British tanks - up to 15 miles per hour (24 kph). It had a 90 horsepower Armstrong Siddeley V-8 engine, which was air-cooled.

The tank held five crewmembers - a commander, a driver, two gunners and a radio operator.