Skoda LT vz 38/PzKpfw 38(t) Medium Tank

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The Skoda LT vz 38 medium tank was Czechoslovakia’s successor to their LT vz 35.

The LT vz 38, which was also developed by Skoda Works and CKD, was more durable and easier to maintain than the LT vz 35.

After the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939, they took the LT vz 38 into service for their own use. They renamed it the PzKpfw 38(t)

The Nazis took out some of the ammunition to make room for a loader.  Previously, the commander acted as a loader as well.

Extra riveted armor was added to later models.
Skoda LT vz 38, PzKpfw 38(t) Source: Florida State University
The Germans withdrew the PzKpfw 38(t) in 1942, but they used the chassis as the basis for some tank destroyers, including the Hetzer and Marder tank destroyers.


Skoda LT vz 38

Active: 1938
Crew: 4
Weight: 9.25 tons (9,400kg)
Length: 15ft 1in (4.60m)
Height: 7ft 10in (2.4m)
Width: 6ft 11in (2.11m)
Weapons: Main – 1.46in (37mm) KwK L/40 or 1.46in (37mm)KwK L/45 gun, Secondary – 2 x 0.312 inch (7.92mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum – 0.98 in (25mm)
Engine: Praga EPA 6-cylinder gasoline, 125hp
Speed: 26.1 mph (42 kph)
Range: 155.3 miles (250 km)