Army Tanks

Strv M/21 Light

Active: 1920
Crew: 4
Weight: 9.7 tons (9,850kg)
Length: 18ft 9in (5.71m)
Height: 8ft 3in (2.51m)
Width: 6ft 9in (3.2m)
Weapons: Main - 0.256in (6.5mm) machinegun
Armor Maximum - 0.55in (14mm)
Engine: Daimler 4-cylinder gasoline, 55hp
Speed: 9.9mph (16kph)
Range: 93.2 miles (150 km)

The Strv M/21 light tank was a Swedish tank that was designed by Joseph Vollmer, a German engineer who moved to Sweden after World War I.  Vollmer had previously designed the German LK I and LK II tanks, and the Strv M/21 resembled them very closely.

Strv M/21 Light TankStrv is an abbreviation of the Swedish word Stridsvagn, which means "tank".

A crew of four manned the Strv M/21. It had a 4-cylinder, 55 horsepower Daimler engine.

The M/21's only weapon was a 0.256 inch (6.5mm) machine gun.

The command version of the M/21 had a two-way radio, unlike the command versions of the LK I and LK II, which only had radio receivers.

In 1929, the Strv M/29 was built.  It had heavier armor and a more powerful engine - a 6-cylinder, 80 horsepower Scania-Vabis engine - than the M/21. However, the armament was not upgraded.