Strv M/31 Light Tank

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The Strv M/31 light tank was produced by Sweden’s’ first tank factory, the AB Landsverk Company factory at Landskrona.

It had many features that were very advanced for its time.

The Strv M/31 had a welded two-man turret and welded hull. It also had a two-way radio communication and high performance sighing, optical and vision devices.

A German Bussing V6 gasoline engine powered the Strv M/31.

Strv M/31 light tank Source: Florida State University
The Strv M/31 light tank weighed over 11 tons and had a crew of four men.

Its main armament was a rapid-fire high-velocity 1.46 inch (37mm) gun that was housed in the turret along with a coaxial machine gun.

Another machine gun was operated by the driver.


Strv M/31 Light

Active: 1931
Crew: 4
Weight: 11.3 tons (11,500kg)
Length: 17ft (5.18m)
Height: 7ft 4in (2.23m)
Width: 7ft (2.13m)
Weapons: Main – 1.46in (37mm) gun, Secondary – 2 x 0.256in (6.5mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum – 0.35in (9mm)
Engine: Bussing V6 gasoline, 140hp
Speed: 24.9mph (40kph)
Range: 124.3 miles (200 km)