T-27 Tankette

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The Soviet Union’s T-27 tankette was a two-man machine gun carrier based on the British Carden-Loyd Mark VI.   Its weapons mount was modified to carry a 7.62mm DT machine gun. The T-27 had a larger hull than the Carden-Loyd Mark VI. Its running gear was also different.

Soviet engineer N. Kozyrev designed the T-27 tankette.

Most versions of the T-27 did not have a radio. Tank crews were supposed to use flags to communicate with each other. There was a commander’s version that did have a radio.
T-27 tankette Source: Army Guide
The T-27 was designed to be used for reconnaissance.  It was used, successfully, in security operations.

The T-27 tankette was used during World War II, to defend against Hitler’s invading army. It did not fare well in Russia’s swampy and snowy terrain.

Soviet Union

T-27 Tankette

Active: 1931
Crew: 2
Weight: 2.66 tons (2,700kg)
Length: 8ft 6 in (2.6m)
Height: 4ft 9in (1.4m)
Width: 6ft (1.8m)
Weapons: Main – 0.3in (7.62mm) DT machinegun
Armor Maximum – 0.39in (10mm)
Engine: GAZ-AA gasoline, 40hp
Speed: 26mph (42kph)
Range: 75 miles (120 km)