Army Tanks

Type 5 To-Ku Amphibious

Active: 1945
Crew: 7
Weight: 29 tons (29,465kg)
Length: 35ft 5.5in (10.81m)
Height: 9ft 10in (3m)
Width: 11ft 1in (3.38m)
Weapons: Main - 1.85in (47mm) gun and 0.98in (25mm) cannon, Secondary - 2 x 0.303in (7.7mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum - 1.97in (50mm)
Engine: Type 100 V12 diesel, 240hp
Speed: 20mph (32kph)
Range: 198.2 miles (319 km)

The Type 5 To-Ku amphibious tank was the biggest of all of Japan's amphibious tanks. It weighed 29 tons.

Blueprint of Type 5 To-Ku amphibious tank. Source: Florida State UniversityBecause of its size, it could carry more powerful armament than the Ka-Chi amphibious tank.

The To-Ku mounted a 0.98 inch (25mm) cannon and a coaxial machine gun in the turret.  The front hull contained a 1.85 inch (47mm) gun and an additional machine gun.

World War II ended before the Type 5 To-Ku amphibious tank was able to enter full production.