KV-2 Heavy Tank

Soviet Union
Soviet Union


Active: 1940
Crew: 6
Weight: 53.1 tons (53,963kg)
Length: 22ft 3in (6.79m)
Height: 12ft (3.65m)
Width: 10ft 11in (3.32m)
Weapons: Main – 5.98in (152mm) L/20 howitzer, Secondary – 2 x 0.3in (7.62mm) machineguns
Armor Maximum – 4.33in (110mm)
Engine: V2K V12 diesel, 550hp
Speed: 16mph (26kph)
Range: 93 miles (150 km)

The KV-2 was designed to break through fortifications. It had an enormous turret which carried a gigantic 5.98 inch howitzer.

Anti-concrete shells the size of garbage cans were fired from the howitzer. These shells were used to knock down pillboxes and bastions.

KV-2 heavy tankAs a specialized version of the KV-1, the KV-2 played a role similar to that of the British Funnies.

Because an extra hand was needed to operate the weapons, an additional crewmember stayed in the turret. This meant that the KV-2 had six crewmembers, while the KV-1 had five.

Even though it had a much heavier main gun, the KV-2 kept the same chassis and engine as the KV-1. This meant that it was even slower than the KV-1.  The Germans found that they could easily destroy the KV-2 by first aiming for its tracks, so that the tank could no longer move.

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