Medium B Whippet

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The Medium B Whippet was built in 1918.  It was shaped more like a heavy tank than the Medium A Whippet and was longer, wider and heavier than its predecessor. However, it was shorter than the Medium A.

A large, fixed turret was mounted on top of the Medium B. This turret was in front of the hull.

The Medium B had a 6-cylinder 100hp Ricardo engine in a compartment at the rear of the tank.  It was the first tank to have a bulkhead that separated the engine from the crew.
Medium B Whippet

Only 45 Medium Bs were built. Production was cancelled because of the Armistice.  17 of the Medium Bs that were built were given to Russia in 1919, to help the White Russians fight the Bolsheviks.

Great Britain

Medium B Tank

Active: 1918
Crew: 4
Weight: 18 tons (18,298kg)
Length: 22ft 9in (6.93m)
Height: 8ft 6in(2.59m)
Width: 8ft 10in (2.69m)
Weapons: Main – 4 x 0.303in (7.7mm) Hotchkiss machineguns
Armor Maximum – 0.55 in (14mm)
Engine: Ricardo 6 cylinder gasoline, 100hp
Speed: 7.9 mph (12.7kph)
Range: About 40 miles (64.4km)